Walton Mill.

Walton Mill also known as 'Bump' Mill was built in the 1770's by partners Hewitt (a linen and woollen draper) and Bunting (a mercer and draper and later a tallow chandler in Beetwell Street Chesterfield).

"Bump" refers to cheap cotton that was manufactured there in the 1790's.

In 1800 a fire destroyed the building and machinery, except for the steam engine, this is probably because the lower courses are in stone and the remainder of the mill is brick. The building is now Grade II listed.

One of the rooms still has a fireproof structure of cast iron pillars and beams similar to those developed by Jedediah Strutt. In the 1840's and 1850's the firm was engaged in cotton spinning and doubling, candlewick manufacturing and bleaching.

A Mr Barnes (who owned several local collieries and lived in the building which is now Ashgate Hospice), also owned the mill for a short period before its purchase by the Robinsons in 1896.

The mill finally closed in 2003.