Torr Vale Mill.

Torr Vale Mill is a Grade II listed former cotton mill, originally built by Samuel Schofield some time before 1794.

Located in New Mills, Derbyshire, it is sited on a small rocky island at the bottom of the Torrs gorge at the confluence of the rivers Goyt and Sett in order to take advantage of the ready supply of water power.

The building varies from single storey to five storeys in height. In the 1860's, when the mill was expanded and partly rebuilt, a large Lancashire steam boiler was installed,,which was run in conjunction with the water-powered system.

In the 1950's gas and electricity became the sources of heat, steam and power.

It was still in use producing towelling products until December 2000, the longest continuous period of cotton production in the UK.

Unusually the mill remained in the ownership of the Schofield family throughout its history.