Middleport Flour Mill.

The Middleport Flour Mill, known locally as Port Vale corn mill is a tall brick building of 5 stories sitting on the banks of the Trent and Mersey Canal at Milvale Street, Middleport.

The mill opened around 1844 and operated under various ownerships as a flour mill until 1924. Remnants from this era are still visible on the 1st floor, these being the sites of the mill stones inset into the floor, cast iron brackets which once carried the drive shafts and flour chutes in the ceiling of the ground floor.

The building passed soon afterwards to Price and Son, bakers, still the occupants in 1940. In 1960 the lower floors were used by The Five Towns Fireplaces Ltd., but the rest of the site became derelict.

I am finding it difficult to find any information since 1960 but it is known that Morrilew Pottery used the premises and most recently it has been used as a clothes recycling centre.