Lincoln County Hospital.

Lincoln County Hospital was originally founded as the result of a meeting in 1768. Management was placed in the hands of a quarterly Board of Governors and a smaller weekly Board of Governors and public subscriptions were raised.

The Hospital was opened in a leased house in St Swithin's parish in November 1769. In 1774 a site was purchased near Drury Lane for a purpose built Hospital, which was used from 1777 and subsequently expanded.

The first part of the present Hospital site was purchased in 1875, and the new Hospital on Sewell Road was opened in 1878. It is an important example of early hospital buildings, the main nucleus was designed by Alexander graham in the Hatfield house style, the low ancillary wings were added in 1891 and these were designed by William Watkins.

The hospital has continued to expand through the years and the areas here were closed around 1993.