Lincoln Castings Limited.

An iron foundry in North Hykeham, with a production capacity of approximately 80,000 tonnes of castings annually, they manufactured high quality iron casting components in nodular and grey iron for the international automotive, tractor and construction machinery industries.

The furnaces burnt coke to melt iron but as coke is a fossil fuel, Lincoln Castings hit upon a solution, the company developed a unique method of using waste tyres to supplement coke in the foundry. The furnace then operated with a mixture of 25% tyres and 75% coke, equating to more than one-third of a million waste tyres being controllably burned annually. The tyres were sourced within Lincolnshire and the sophisticated gas cleaning plant ensured that emissions to the atmosphere were unaffected.

Lincoln Castings pioneering project helped the environment on many levels: reducing the quantity of coke required, reducing the transport of coke, dealing with the problem of waste tyres, and the resulting cost savings help secure local jobs for the future. This last statement is a bit ironic, because in February 2007 the plant closed.