Hams Hall 'B' Control Room.

Hams Hall B Power Station was planned in 1937. It began generating electricity in 1942. Between 1946 and 1949 the station was expanded, this increased the generating capacity to 160,500kW. Its water was cooled by four cooling towers.

The station used Parsons Alternators and December 1945 a corroded metal connection between the chimneys and boilers was the cause of a complaint of pollution. The connection was finally replaced in 1948 and until that time the pollution continued.

At the time of closure in 1981 Hams Hall B was generating 306 MW. Its four cooling towers were demolished in November 1985, with chimney number 2 going down in September 1988.

The main control room is an isolated building with a duodecagonal roof and is all that is left of the site.