The Dove Creamery.

In the 1870's the Duke of Devonshire founded the Dove Creamery in Hartington (later to be come known as The Hartinginton Cheese Factory) which produced a white crumbly Derbyshire cheese until 1894, when a fire partially destroyed the building. In 1900 Mr Thomas Nuttall took over the company and began producing Blue Stilton Cheese and was one of only 3 companies producing this cheese in the UK. The company was finally taken over and expanded by his son Mr John M Nuttall and in the 1920/30's Hartington cheese was supplied to King George V by Royal Warrant. In 1930's the Hartington creamery was acquired by the Milk Marketing Board and so became part of what was later known as Dairy Crest.

2001 saw a massive expenditure program that lasted until 2004, this included a 'continuous vat production system' that would replace traditional cheese making processes. This was the only one of its kind in the UK and was referred to as the'Continuous Coagulator'. Long Clawson Dairy acquired the creamery in August 2008 for the sum of 3.5M. The site finally closed in march 2009 with the loss of 150 jobs.