British Waterways

The warehouse built in the 1930's, is constructed of reinforced concrete and is considered to be the best of this type in the country. Situated in line with the river wall,this facilitated the loading and discharging of vessels. There are 4 floors each 170 feet long and 50 feet wide, giving a total floor space of 34,000 square feet. The ground floor is of reinforced concrete specially treated to ensure freedom from dust, while the upper floors are of wood on reinforced concrete. On the ground floor there were electric transporters capable of travelling at a speed of 100 feet per minute for the full length of the warehouse, and in addition capable of stacking goods to a height of 9 feet above floor level, they could also discharge goods from barges direct to railway trucks, or load lorries or drays at the various bays. The upper floors had four electric hoists, hoisting at 70 feet per minute and travelling at 100 feet per minute. Two of these hoists work inside pent houses under which barges may be discharged or loaded in wet weather. In addition to the electrically-operated machinery, spiral sack chutes were provided as well as gravity chutes capable of conveying loads 3 feet 3 inches wide.